The Manifestation “Secret” She Used To Bank Her First Million Dollars...

This Isn't Fair, But It's 100% Legal, Genius And It Works Like A Charm

(even if your stuck in a hospital bed with a broken neck for 3 months!)

Is It Possible To Manifest Your Desires When The Planet Feels Like It's Falling Apart? 100% Yes!

What a horrific experience that was...

I remember laying on that cold hospital bed, just barely being able to breathe, and faintly hearing my mom, in the next room, asking the doctor frightening life or death questions.  

But that wasn’t the worst part.

Not only was I feeling depressed because my best friends Dad just passed away from the covid virus...
But my mother pissed me off even more, when I over heard her telling the doctor how I was carelessly speeding to another idiotic money making seminar for the millionth time, trying to get rich.
What happened next was beyond bizarre...

While I was drugged up on morphine to kill the pain, the doctor with tears in his eyes, walked in the room. 

He grabbed my hand and placed a yellow piece of paper in it. 

And somehow I faintly remember hearing the doctor who didn’t even know me, whisper something strange in my right ear. 
Something so unusual, but would change my life forever.

“Find the Yantra” he said, very quietly. And in a few short moments you’ll understand exactly what he was referring to... and what was on that God sent yellow piece of paper.

Literally just 47 minutes ago my life flashed before my eyes.
I was speeding in traffic from queens to downtown new york city, desperately trying to make it on time to another money making seminar, when it happened.

It felt like I had just snapped back down into my body after a 35,000 pound semi-truck smashed into me!


After a few seconds, with smoke everywhere, I blinked my eyes a few times realizing that something really HORRIBLE just took place. 
"What just happened? Where am I? Am I alive? Why do I feel so out of it? "

These were the first few thoughts that were racing in my mind.

The first thing I saw as my eyes barely opened was the glass that was everywhere, literally all over me and the dashboard. 

The windshield was completely smashed, there was red blood stains on my clothes and the car horn was irritatingly beeping without stopping.

While I could feel the blood seeping from my head onto the steering wheel, I tilted my head slightly to the left.

I could see a few good-hearted people outside of my car literally screaming at me saying, "are you ok in there? We are going to help you! Stay still and don’t move."

I felt so scared.

Although it was a tragic moment that still haunts me today, without that experience, I would have never changed jobs and found the YANTRA that took me out of near-poverty and into the land of financial paradise. 💸💰🤩
Hi, my name is Ariella and I’m a young college-drop out from New York City
Growing up in an italian family that loves to eat pasta, spaghetti, cakes, desserts and pretty much everything tasty, I was never really focused on being healthy.
The only focus for me was a healthy bank account. And it was that relentless pursuit of fast money that put me in the middle of a devastating car crash that changed the course of my life.

I remember trying desperately to break out of the tight seatbelt as I was stuck in the driver seat, waiting for the emergency to come and rescue me from the car crash.

There was a horrible excruciating pain that ran up my back and into my neck as the blood was dripping down my forehead. The semi truck that hit me completely smashed my car and almost killed me.

At last the ambulance arrived at the horror scene, thanks to one person who saw the car accident and immediately called 911.

I only wish that I had found my mentor sooner.

But, sometimes in life we gotta learn the hard way. Wouldn’t you agree?

Now, just hear me out on this…

Do you think you have what it takes to receive millions of dollars, wealth, quick success and even perfect health?

Most people in today’s world would say no, they don’t have what it takes.

And you know what, I also thought the same thing about myself…

But maybe you’ve seen that fairy-tale like movie called "The Secret" that talks about the law of attraction. 

It mentions that all of us humans have the ability to attract anything, literally anything, with minimal work and zero effort.
And I hate to tell you this:

But "The Secret" movie was wrong, and I thank God for that Doctor who placed that yellow sheet paper in my hand, because it filled in the missing gaps to my success and the instant success of 107,137 people just like you.

Listen, i'm not Einstein, but even he said something very similar after years of deep-study and research into the laws of this universe.
And What You Are About To Discover Has Nothing To Do With Self-Help Books
Nor money making seminars, chakras or walking on fire at Tony Robbins events.

What I’m about to share with you is contrary to the mainstream advice… but it will create big changes in your life so FAST that you’ll be grateful that you stopped to watch this entire video in anticipation.

So there I was, lying on a stiff hospital bed a few days after the car crash.

It was bad.
I would be Hysterically crying and asking myself, is this seriously my life? Empty bank account, broken body, stuck on a bed being pumped with morphine to reduce pain??

There was even a full time crew of nurses to watch over me and help me for the next 3 months during recovery.

Of course, you know how it is with the temptations of checking whatsapp, facebook and instagram. I would regularly sneak my phone out when the nurses were outside the room and scroll the IG feed just to see the latest news and search for the strange image the doctor wrote on that yellow paper.
I would feel so damn frustrated when i saw other people posting pictures on vacation, driving their nice cars, buying gucci shoes & chanel purses

They all look so happy, with big smiles on their faces and here I was on a hospital bed, miserable and broke!

But then, there it was… 

1 strange video of this good-looking, muscular black guy literally recording himself talking to his camera and sharing a unique story of how we went from broke to multi-millionaire using this unusual manifesting yantra.

I giggled to myself while listening to him speak to me through this IG video. it quickly dawned upon me that this guy knows something, something that could help me to finally quit this dumb 9-5 job that was keeping me broke and frustrated.

The funny part was that before seeing this video, I always assumed meditation was for those skinny yoga monks in the mountains of India who meditate and live in dark caves.

And to be honest, I’m unable to sit in one place, for hours and not think about nothing.

But this was different.
And Get This
That assumption was far from reality because any google search will lead you to realize that most successful sports athletes, hollywood actors, rappers/singers and business people all use this meditation on a daily basis. 

Men and women. Old and young.

Some of them even report that using this yantra meditation is how they’ve attracted their wealth, huge amounts of money, luxury cars, mansions, new opportunities and even gorgeous sexual partners.

I saw my entire family work their asses off at their 9-5 jobs all my life, and that was supposed to also be my path in life.

You know how it is:

Go to college even though you hate school, graduate with a piece of paper, hopefully find a decent job that pays the bills, wake up early and rush to work, maybe get the weekends off and if you’re really lucky, take a nice vacation to mexico once a year at a all-inclusive resort with your family that you barely ever see.

Does that sound like a good life to you? 

I don't think so!
So, I did what any half intelligent person would do...

I immediately sent a DM to that black guy on instagram and simply wanted to see if he would even reply to me.

Most people on social media now a days are full of B.S. and post pictures of money they don’t have, cars that are not theirs and homes that they hoped and prayed could be theirs.

You see this all day on your social media feeds. 

But when there comes along the odd video, that actually is legit and from the heart, it catches your attention, your mind and even your money.

What do I mean?

Have you ever purchased anything online before? Maybe a book, a program, a training course, clothes, supplements, a bible? 


Well, if you remember, before you made the purchase, something caught your attention. Like this video.

I may be wrong, but I feel You are here right now for a divine reason.

And just like God gave me a second chance in life, I feel that I’m fulfilling my purpose by sharing this with you.
And as you lean forward, you might begin to feel intrigued...

Maybe even inspired about my life transforming story and how it could happen to you.

To top it off, while this coronavirus planned pandemic is making the world go nuts, what if now is the absolute perfect time for you to experience a transformation? 

An upgrade? Upgrade to your thinking, your health, your wealth and your pocket book?

Well, guess what!

The guy from instagram replied to me. With a huge smile on my face and my eyes wide open, I read his brief reply to my dumb question.

I DM’d him: Hi my name is Ariella, I need to speak with you urgently. If you’re a real person, would you please reply to me????

A little bold? 

Maybe. But he did end up sending me the meditation audio in a mp3 file that I could download to my phone and listen to with headphones.

Before I listened to it for the first time, he gave me a warning and a promise.
He wrote me  back and said:
Listen closely.

This money meditation is my secret sauce. 💰

Many years ago when I was struggling in business, with 2 small children, barely able to buy them food, this was the meditation that took me out of poverty to my first million dollars in cash. 

And I remember thinking to myself, the time is now..

Well, it all manifested in a little under 30 days.

Ariella, do you understand the power of this meditation and the image on that yellow piece of paper? 

This is not just one of those binaural beat audios you can find on youtube. 

No. And what I’m about to say next, still makes me sick to my stomach.

But one day my kids and I were driving by mcdonalds and they looked at me with that look like: "daddy could we maybe have a treat today? Just a happy-meal?"

But no! I was 30 years old and I couldn’t even pay for a damn happy meal for my babies. How pathetic.

And ever since that day I stopped procrastinating and I stopped making excuses.

And as I sat on my air mattress in my beat up apartment, I started listening to this short 600 second meditation and gazed deeply at the same image that doctor gave you on that yellow piece of paper.

Doing this, really was the catalyst to my massive success in such a short time.

It activated my hidden super-powers that are within all of us. ⚡️

Within a very short amount of time, I manifested over 30 million dollars, cash money in the bank.

I can now buy mcdonalds every single day of the week for the rest of my kids' lives, and even for their grandchildren too.

But, just to be brutally honest with you: we no longer eat at mcdonalds. 

Actually, now it's only 5-star restaurants with the finest food and personal chefs that cook our food, on a daily basis.

And lastly, I must warn you - that if you use the magical words in this meditation for evil, you will regret it. 

I urge you to only use this for good. 

Use it to get rich, better yourself, become healthy, find the lover of your dreams and then go out and start helping others!

With that being said - here is my paypal address for you to send me $500, then ill copy and paste the meditation audio for you right here in this DM chat.
You've sent a payment of $500 USD
I opened up my paypal account, and instantly sent him the $500, now looking back, that $500 was the best investment of my life.

I can barely describe the euphoric feeling when I first listened to the meditation, but it started to somehow alter my body on a subconscious cellular level. 
It felt like my energy, or my aura or something was increasing in vibration.

Im still lost for words.

But what happened next is the best part.

After a few months of living in the hospital, the day finally came when I was able to stand up and get out of bed by myself.

I was so grateful to be able to walk again.

But I am still grateful to that doctor who gave me that yellow piece of paper and my God sent meditation mentor from instagram.

Because every single day after he sent me that magical Audio file, I was listening to it once a day consistently. And to this day, the doctors are shocked that my body healed up so quickly and easily.

What they dont know is that this little known meditation is the reason that my body healed up so well.

The day I got out of the hospital was the day that I sent him another DM on instagram, but this time with a different intention.

I told him that I was interested in helping him to grow his business and help him with whatever he was currently working on. So many people message and beg millionaires to help them with their businesses and their lives.

and I didn’t want to be a beggar.

So I decided to stop, listen and give him value first!

It just so happened that he was busy building a very successful 8 figure online business that helped people like you and I become rich and successful using nothing more than mind-power.

It sounded a little strange, but I did not let my critical skeptic mind stop me,

 I said let’s do it!

I was ready and hungry to work.

Well, the beginning was a little rough for the first few weeks. My mentor started to give me big tasks and jobs that I had no idea how to accomplish.

And even though I felt frustrated, I kept glancing at that image on that yellow piece of paper, because it gave me instant hope and faith that everything will work as planned.

Low and behold, I stuck with the meditation that he sent me, and everyday when I woke up in the morning it was the 1 thing that I jumped out of bed for. 

When you experience this meditation for yourself, you’ll realize exactly what I mean.
By the way, if you noticed...
Unfortunately I did not become an instant millionaire like that television show “who wants to be a millionaire”.

But what did actually happen was within the first 3 months of working with my mentor, one night while getting ready for bed, I had this wild idea enter my mind.

And the idea came to me on day 37 after religiously listening to the audio file Wesley gave and staring at the image on that yellow piece of paper.
An idea that I could implement in the current business of my mentor, and the idea would in turn make us a new income stream with no extra work!

Late one night I listened to that audio file for 7 times obsessively, almost like I was listening to a Michael Jackson, drake or Beyonce song, over and over again.

And on the very next day in our daily meeting I shared an idea with him, and he loved it.

Immediately we got started on setting everything up and within the next 24 hours something happened.
We didn't just make a few extra dollars
Not even a few hundred dollars…


Within 24 hours we had manifested an extra $11,291 and we worked no harder than before.

And the money started to flow in effortlessly, exactly how it was explained in the Audio file he gave me.
And don’t get me wrong…
$11,291 is good money, especially coming from being broke. But the money didn’t stop.

That $11,291 quickly became $29,000 and within the first 30 days of receiving this new idea from the universe, we had manifested over $171,991.

Yep, and if you’re wondering how much of that I got paid, it was 50%.

I literally earned over $50,000 in a single month for the first time in my life.

How was that even possible for a college drop-out who just suffered a deadly car crash and who was broken for months living in a hospital bed? was that 600 second audio file and that darn image on that yellow piece of paper
Get this, if you know anything about females, you know exactly what I did with that money!
  • Took my mom and I on a First-class trip to paris
  • Purchased a brand new pink Maserati
  • Bought myself 5 new gucci outfits
  • 1 new chanel purse that cost $6,000
And I wrote my mom and dad a 5 figure check to tell them thanks for everything they ever did for me.

Not to mention all of the fancy restaurants we ate at every single night that month.

I’ll never forget that.

Nor will I forget that I went on to earn my first $1,000,000 in cash collected within just 6 short months of working together.

All praises to the most high! God is the greatest!
True story
This meditation not only helped my mentor to become a millionaire, but now I also experienced something very similar and became a millionaire too.

I still get teary-eyed to this day when I think about it, because it was my ultimate dream in life to become financially free.

And no I'm not just saying that “I AM A MILLIONAIRE” lying to yourself, like those affirmations you scream outloud like a crazy person.

Have you ever seen one of those Tony Robbins events where people are jumping up and down while yelling affirmations of what they want to be? 



No, we actually earned that million dollars in cash. No affirmations needed. Nor any hard work.

How, you might be thinking?

It was actually easy.

Because using this meditation consistently everyday, it begins to change your biology on a very microscopic cellular level.

You begin to feel better.

“Million dollar ideas” seem to just come to you.
And all you have to do is press play and listen.

Imagine people never having money problems again. They can pay for whatever they want with their own money. 

A world where people can raise their children in nice homes, take their families on vacations, send their children (or grandchildren) to the best schools. “No more bad credit notices for people. No more bank accounts overdrawn. Everyone gets to live a life of abundance.

And now I want to know if I can help YOU. 

Would you be willing to dramatically change your life in the next 30 days if you knew you could not fail? 

I promise that if you use this meditation every day, you’ll start to see miracles in less than 30 days. In fact, if you don’t see a change in the next 30 days, I don’t want your money at all.

Most programs you’ll find online all demand that you sit in absolute silence with a clear mind for 60-90 minutes a day. 

Because most folks don’t have that time available daily, it’s over for them before they start. 

Secondly, if you try to sit in silence something occurs. Your brain starts to distract you. It’s called the monkey mind. Taming the monkey mind is a lifelong process. 

This meditation will bypass all of that

Nothing could be easier... You just sit back, listen and get the results you want. 

Nothing could be easier. 

This is the exact meditation that made me my first million dollars.

Can you imagine the feeling and what your life would look like when you cash your first million dollar check? 

I'm talking about being able to click that blue login button... on your online banking account very soon and literally see the $1,000,000.00 in YOUR personal checking account.

Now hold on 1 hot second…

By now you’re probably sitting there, credit card in hand and eager to get started now.

But not so fast..

Let me ask you something before you get too excited

Do you remember when I was laying there helpless on the hospital bed and the doctor faintly whispered into my ears, “find the yantra”?

The most insane part of all, is that not only does my mentor use that unusual meditation everyday, but to top it off, above his bed where he sleeps every night, he put an ancient manifesting yantra, and he is worth $30,000,000.

And I know what you are thinking.

Ariella What is a yantra? Honestly, im not even totally sure!

And you don’t have to be either.

All that matters is that if you’re ready to act now and get your copy of this meditation, for the next 10 people only, on the next page, you will ALSO get the ancient manifesting yantra picture to put in your bedroom to make things happen faster.

From what I understand, this yantra speeds up the manifestation process of whatever you want to come true, and it works WHILE you sleep.
That means it works with absolutely no work on your part...
Before meeting my mentor, I had read some self-help books like think and grow rich, that were given to me from colleagues in the real estate world.

And I heard about the concept of the law of attraction and making a vision board with all of your desires.

Maybe you even attended motivational seminars and personal development workshops like I did…
And I honestly did get a few of the small things that I used to dream about, like always getting a nice parking spot at the shopping mall and even some times a good looking guy would give me a compliment without trying to hook up.

But the truth is this, I wanted more than just those itty bitty small things.
Do you want to buy the house of your dreams paid off in cash?
You want to travel the world first class in 5-star luxury to Greece and eat the finest food on the planet, or maybe you just want to retire your parents so they never have to work another day for the rest of their lives.

Whatever it is that you truly desire to have in your life right now, the combination of listening to this meditation and gazing deeply into this secret yantra at night will materialize ANYTHING.

How can I be so sure?

Listen to what these people had to say...

"The prayer at the end of the video did it for me! I am healing right now from a troublesome nerve on my left leg and the Gamma Sonic healing frequencies are working their magic. I am feeling less and less pain for the first time in 2 months. Wes you genius!!!!! All praises to the Most High, God is the Greatest!"

- Peter, 29 years old from Dallas, Texas.


"Thank you Wes! I just wanted to say the moment I got it, I listened for over 6 hours STRAIGHT because I was so in tuned and it made me feel AMAZING instantly. This day is mine and I AM WEALTHY NOW! I feel it in my cells literally. Once again thanks Wesley! So much more I could say just off the first day of listening to the script, but i'll never forget what you said in module 1, NOW that I MUST DO IT, NOW!! Much love Wesleeeeyyy LETS GOOOOOO!!"

- Eve, 32 years old from Toronto, Canada.


"As I was at the end, on my knees listening to the prayer, I can't even explain or put what happened into the correct words.. Well nevermind, can't isn't a word... I meditated and then I manifested 10 digital marketers. I was at 1 yesterday and now I am at 7, I got 3 more to go... but the best part is that they are all making money, which is earning me an extra $10,147 in residual income. I truly believe!! I learned a lot in this product. I have nothing but good emotions.. I can't wait to dive into the God Mind Code."

- Solomon, 26 years old from Sydney, Australia.


"I'm in awe of this course. It makes me feel better than I could have ever imagined. I'm going to download the recordings to my phone and computer so that I have it with me at all times. I can't wait To start the course again, BUT!! I GOTTA CHECK OUT THE GOD MIND FIRST!!!! LOL"

- Octavia, 47 years old from London, England.


"Literally bought the package yesterday and the God Mind Code after receiving your email. The funny thing is my heart was not beating fast when I was making the purchase, with other programs my heart used to be like a loud drum and resulting in a scam. However, with your program and authenticity I believe I am on the right path to my success. I had work and online classes today and I decided to cancel everything today just to listen, understand and internalize your teachings."

- Abraham, 41 years old from Los Angeles, USA.


I had another idea... 
If only, average people like you and I could somehow get their hands on this meditation, combined with the yantra, which is the missing link to make your dreams a true reality, they would be able to by-pass years of struggling. 

Years of self help reading books, years of going to seminars and online events, years of watching others succeed.

And the only way that made total sense was if my mentor recorded all of the videos and audios in a simple step-by-step format to explain all of his secret manifesting wisdom that he used to earn over $30,000,000 - yes 30 million dollars! 

He also purchased 7 luxury cars, multiple penthouse condos, a 7-figure per year real estate portfolio and a 5-star dreamy lifestyle so juicy that over 1Million people now follow him on Instagram.

But Here's The Big Problem...
Most meditation products, law of attraction books and so called “coaches”aren't designed for the average person like yourself with no millionaire mentor and no big advantage in life.

This is why over 97% of the people buying those products see no results! 

Can you relate? The brutal truth is this..

None of those other products can save you. Nor were they created to save you from a life of mediocrity, feeling stuck, hopeless and with little to no hope for a better future.

And this is why I had to beg my mentor to make this public and record this brand new money manifestation system for you. 

If you knew him like I do and the hundreds of thousand of people who are profiting from this audio right now, you’d know he doesn’t need your money. 
In fact the opposite is true. 
His only desire in life is to help you make money and succeed sooner than later. 

And so during the worldwide pandemic and lockdown, he took some time out of his busy schedule to put together this once in a lifetime program just for you.

He calls it “Instant Money Manifestation”. 

But the 100s of thousands of people who are getting insane results from it, nick named the audio file, the Genie Script.
Because many of our members all say.. all you do is simply think about what you want, listen to the 600 second audio script every day and WOLA, a genie appears to grant your deepest wishes and desires.

And that’s not me talking, that’s the 100s of thousand of people who are enjoying freedom, more time with their families, abundance and plenty of money in the bank account.

All because they all took a leap of faith and downloaded this simple to use manifestation program, that based on a specific type of guided meditation.

Paired with this ancient money-attracting yantra, using the finest cutting-edge neuroscience sounds, modeled from Harvard and Yale universities.
But the best part is this:

It’s only available on this website right now. And only for a limited time. 

Because... let’s face it. 

This meditation and yantra are so powerful, yet quick and simple to use... That it’s already raising eyebrows among celebrities, manifestation gurus, mystics and “masters” with huge budgets.

And some of them want to force us off the internet because it threatens their outdated methods. 

That’s why I can’t guarantee this information will be available tomorrow. 

I’m urging you to take action right now​ while the opportunity is currently available, and ripe for the picking.

The Instant Money Manifestation is NOT a year-long program... 

It’s a specific daily audio meditation that you listen to once every day. (for immediate results, you’ll want to listen to it first thing in the morning when you wake up, and again right before bedtime). 

We also include the EXACT secret manifesting yantra picture to put in your bedroom, which was the image on that yellow piece of paper the doctor gave me which literally begins to materialize what you desire into physical form.

I guarantee none of those so called “manifestation masters” or experts even know about this ancient yantra. 

And this yantra was only recently discovered. 

My mentor flew all the way from Houston, Texas to the mountains of India to meet with this Siddha Master.

The siddha master from the mountains of india has spent his entire 70+ year long life studying meditation, manifestation and the laws of the universe. 

If you’ve seen that movie called “The Secret” that talks about sitting in a quiet room, imagine what you want, and then it somehow shows up on your doorstep… well those guys don’t have a clue what they’re actually teaching you.

How do I know?

Well, ask yourself this: when you finished watching that movie, what happened? 

Probably you felt all jazzed up and excited to magically start attracting riches to you, simply with positive thinking, affirmations and a little visualization.

And did the riches, the wealth, the success, the love materialize into your life?

Exactly - I didn’t think so. You might have seen some glimpses of success, but not to the level that you truly want.

The reason is because you’re missing the foundational pieces to successfully manifesting all your hearts deepest desires. ❤️

The instant money manifestation program IS the complete formula. 

It works for newbies all the way to advanced manifesters who already have the jist of how this stuff works.

This is the only program in the world that contains the 2 unique components shown to guarantee successful manifestation for you.

Let me be clear... 

There’s never been anything like this manifestation system in history
Random question for you...

Can you imagine biting into a freshly cut lemon?

Think about all that lemon juice squirting into your mouth and on your tongue. 

Can you taste that tingly, sour juice? 

Great! Now let’s get into the juicy part...
Here's The Breakdown Of What You'll Get Inside The Money Manifestation System:

Place Your Order Now To Receive This Exclusive Money-Meditation

✅ The 600 Second Money-Meditation: (Value: $249.50)

You now get the original 600 second guided meditation audio. 

This is what that started this journey to manifesting millions of dollars. It’s now being used by some of the world’s most successful and wealthy!

Best results if you listen 2x daily (first in the morning, and right before going to sleep).


You'll Also Receive This Recently Discovered Manifesting Yantra

✅ The Ancient Manifestation Yantra Image: (Value: Priceless!)

Remember back in the hospital, the Doctor quietly whispered into my ears… “find the yantra”? 

And remember the yellow piece of paper with the yantra? 

While my mentor was traveling in India, up in the mountains with a Siddha Master, he was given this secret yantra. This is the yantra that activated his ability to manifest ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. 

For the best results: use this in combination with the 600 second Money meditation.

PLUS! Today only, you’ll additionally be granted access to my mentor’s top-selling “Genie Script” program valued at $197
(Yours Free when you order now)
✅ Module 1 - How To Manifest Money

✅ Module 2 - The Inception Point Of Success

✅ Module 3 - The Laws Of Your Subconscious Mind

✅ Module 4 - Mind Conditioning for Wealth & Abundance

✅ Module 5 - How to Rewrite Your Subconscious Files Now

✅ Module 6 - How to like Feel You Already Have It

✅ Module 7 - Intense Sensory Emotional Acceleration

✅ Module 8 - Brain Waves Money Magic

But I’m not done with what I have to change your life!
Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track 
Bonus Number One: 

Preparing your brain to change. I have a special binaural beats session to boost your financial success. Binaural beats work using a technique called brain entrainment. 

Brain Entrainment is exactly what it sounds like: it’s training your brain to operate at a wealth generating frequency. Binaural beats are used by athletes, person change experts, and professionals to change their state to prepare for important changes in their lives.

You seriously need this if you want to manifest wealth.
Kundalini Touch Exercise 
Bonus Number Two:

I learned about Kundalini energy. Getting that energy moving in your body is my goal so you can absorb the energy and power from the Universe and use it to transform your life. 

I’m convinced with a little bit of practice; you may discover you have the gift too.
Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises
Bonus Number Three:

No matter the meditation system, people are aware of something called the third eye. That’s the place where I was touched on the forehead. I’d like to help you open YOUR third eye. 

Some people say the third eye is connected to the pineal gland in the brain. When you put very light pressure on the eyelids, the pineal gland senses light. I want you to experience the same dramatic shifts that I had. 

This is very powerful and will lead to the most profound changes in your life.
Divine Walking Guided Meditation Audios
Bonus Number Four:

You can access the Divine within you just by listening to these audios. Life changing – no doubt. I want you to access the power of constantly being connected to the Divine.
No matter where you are in your current life situation

No matter where you are in your life. No matter how much you have suffered in the past. I’d rather focus on your future. 

It’s now a question of, how much do you want that financial safety net, that freedom, and that time with your family? 

And wanting that NOW! You can’t think about the future, retirement, anything, because you’re too worried. 

If You Start Today, You Could Be Free To Enjoy Life, Free From Worries About Paying-Off Debt, The Pandemic, Bill Collectors and Astonish Your Friends and Family…

If you’re hoping and praying your electricity doesn’t get shut off, it’s hard to dream. 

You don’t have the money to give your kids what they need. 

You want to help them enrich their lives and give them a head start in life.

Simply say "YES" to the Money Manifestation System RIGHT NOW.

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You owe it to yourself, right? 

Your family deserves a better life than their currently living.

And you using this program, mastering it, applying it and becoming a success using it will benefit yourself, your loved ones and eventually the people that you decide to go out and help.

I'm sure you already know this, but the first law of manifesting anything is to understand nothing happens by chance... 

Even you finding this page and reviewing it to the very end was purposeful and intentional. 

So before you decide to go to the next page and download everything right now, remember this. 

Everything on the planet happens for a distinct reason.

Your success will birth from your deep intention or desire that got you started, and here in the first place. 

I believe you are destined for greatness. The only thing holding you back from your highest potential is fear of survival... fear of not having enough money...

Once you solve that, you can do anything. You can be a light for your family... you can bring joy to others... You can realize all your deepest dreams... You can impact people in your family, community, and planet in ways you never dreamed possible. 

I thank God everyday That I took That leap of faith

Because If I didn't , you wouldn't be reading this right now. 

And before I let you go, I want you to think long and hard about something... 

Think about the last 3 to 5 years of your life. Really, think about it for a second... 

> Are you still living where you don't want to live? 

> Are you still driving what you don't want to drive? 

> Are you still spending money that you really don't have? 

> Are you feeling stressed about a job that you don't want to go to? 

> Are you tired of not going on 5-star luxury vacations? 

> Are you tired of taking low budget vacations? 

> Are you tired of looking for deals and shopping from the discount racks at your favorite department store? 

Most importantly, are there people in your life... your community... the WORLD who you could help... if only you weren’t worrying about “making ends meet”? 

That’s no way to live my friend. And it was me a few years ago, I was sick and tired of busting my butt for a boss who didn't appreciate me... 

And I was tired of looking at other people succeed while I was sitting helpless trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

So what are you waiting for? 

Stop playing small — join me in the big leagues — let’s change the world together. 

This is Ariella signing off, from my desk in a hotel suite in Dubai. 

I’ll see you inside the program. 😘

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